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Statistics show that to people buying a new car the design is even more important than horsepowers and it's make.

This blog is all about car design.
It's function is to show where designers get their inspirations from and to reveal and explain similarities between different car makes.




Design as representative of an era

If you want to create a design for a product that has to be sold as often as possible, you got to focus on what could be interesting for customers. Therefore, a modern and new look is a good option to make a product more attractive - and that is just what the car industry did since they started to put tons of metal onto four wheels.


As an example we take a closer look at an American steel monster from the late fifties - a Cadillac 62 :

After WWII came the cold war and with it a new era of war planes - Jet fighters.


Inspired by this new technology car design in the US knew just one way: cars have to look like jet fighters!


Her you can see the back of the Cadillac:

"Wings" on a car with integrated tail lights in "rocket" shape are hard to find in any other decade.  Also "jet turbines" were added to the car. If you would cut off everything above the door line and remove the wheels you'd look at something with the shape of an old jet fighter.


But it wouldn't be a real American thing without exaggeration.
One could think they really tried to fly with those:

21.5.11 05:40

Old names, new vehicles:

Vehicles powered by engines are looking back on a history of over 100 years of development.

Since then (fortunately) cars have changed but some of them are  holding high their ancestors names. Most known examples are the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Corvette, the Porsche 911 etc.

Americas car producers seem to build up a big tradition of name-keeping, but a name alone can not prove a car's history, so they take the old and known shape and modernize it, also more or less small details are adopted to show  relation.

The Ford Mustang as an example:

Here you can see two Mustangs, a new one and a late '60s model.

The shape itself has not changed that much in almost 50 years.

Colours, tags, air intakes, the Mustang logo in the rear with function as fuel tank cap and back lights got adopted.

12.5.11 14:10


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